Last Friday, my mum, brother and I decided to venture off to Brunswick just for something different.
Not really having much planned to do over that side of town we just wandered and enjoyed looking at the different shops and people watching. Eventually, we decided that we needed a quick coffee stop so we found ourselves in Foxtrot Charlie. Now this isn't the first time I've been here - I went at the beginning of the year and fell in love with the atmosphere and decor. This time around I just ordered a mocha as I didn't feel like much to eat. For my cafe/ eating segment of this blog I have decided to have a "grade scale" for the different places that I venture to.
So that is as following: P - Price, A - Atmosphere, S - Service, D - Decor/ Decorations & Q - Quality 

P - I think for 3 drinks it came to about $13-14, which isn't too bad.
A - Like I said before, the decor and detailing of this places is one of my favourites. Lots of grey concrete walls, with angular shape detailing on the roof that then reflects into the choice of pendent lighting
- such a statement!!
S - I'm not going to lie, the last two and only two times I've been here the service has been pretty average. When we went on Friday, they weren't exactly under the pump with orders and instead of really making sure we had a good customer experience they were fussing around with god knows what and chatting among each other. 
D - I absolutely love the lighting used. They are such statement pieces and combined with a high ceiling, they are just breath taking!
Q - Now this was probably the strangest tasting mocha I've ever had. It didn't even taste like chocolate or coffee for that matter! It had a strange kind of toxic taste to it. It was very weird.