Hi There.
Welcome to Bronte & Bee. In short, this blog is a new creative platform for me to express who I am, what I am loving and my general opinion on day to day topics. 
So you might be wondering - why Bronte & Bee. I brainstormed name after name after name and eventually landed on this. There really isn't much of a back story to why I chose to call my blog this, more so I was like to my Mum "HELLLPPP MEEEE!!!" and she suggested "Bronte & Bee", which I thought was rather cute and that is how this was all created. 

Over the years I have had multiple blogs, each only holding a couple of posts each. They are a miss match of beauty and lifestyle opinions so I decided to scrap them all and start afresh!

If you haven't guessed, my name is Bronte and I am currently 20 years old and living in Melbourne, Australia. I am also a third year university student studying graphic design and public relations full time, while juggling part time work on the side. 
I have a love of all things design, brunch, monochromatic fashion, beauty, travelling and dreaming. 

I hope you enjoy this little chapter and journey in my life where I want to try to achieve to be more creative, push boundaries, experiment more, have fun and
most importantly - to express myself.


sooooo.... this is me! Hi :) 

sooooo.... this is me! Hi :)