On Holidaaay!

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while, but since my last blog post I started an internship at a fabulous PR company and that has kept myself very busy indeed. Two days a week I was interning then somewhat relaxing and then working at my part time job for the other two days of the week. I'm not complaining though. It's been good having a break from uni, I can't really say that I miss it just yet. It's nice not having to be working on folio work or assignments. 

So currently I am on holiday in Vanuatu. For those who don't know I was almost born here and lived here for a year after I was born.. I don't remember anything but it has been really wonderful coming back here with mum and seeing where she used to work and live. Though we are yet to find the two houses she lived in! 

I'm here on holiday with my family, my 2 brothers, mum and grandparents. We are staying in a breath taking Airbnb (which I would recommend 100%).. This time away is what the doctor ordered. It's giving me time to reflect my life and where I am heading and I couldn't be more grateful for this. 

I really wanted to take this time to think about how I want the year to pan out and what I want to achieve. I wanted to write this post down sitting at a table by the ocean but the sea mist and rust is intense! 

So for 2016 I'd like to somewhat achieve the following;

- Be Happier : 2015 wasn't the greatest of years for me. Those closest know it was one of my hardest. I went through some pretty intense personal issues, which I'm sure will resurface at some point this year but I'm going to bat them away!

- Be Healthier : I know this is always on everyones list, but this seriously needs to happen for me. I'm not saying that I'm not healthy at the moment, but I'd like to make some improvements.

- Be more creative : One thing this holiday that I am enjoying is sitting down and creating. It doesn't mean I'm really happy with the quality of work that I am producing but at least it is a start. 

- Be more honest : With myself, with others, with life. 

I think this is where I will leave it for now. I have another blog post idea up my sleeve so I am sure I will crack that one out in the next couple of days. Hopefully I will be updating this website with more work and blog posts over the course of the year as it is definitely something that I love to do. 

Lots of love 

B x