When I first started this blog I was on uni holidays, only working two days a week and I had all these plans to go out and explore more and design and to create. I'm not sure what happened but those plans didn't happen. Then of course uni started back up and while it wasn't the most stressful semester I've had, I always tend to struggle to balance my uni, work and social life. Meaning that any other plans or ideas that I have always get put on hold until another time. When I started this blog I also felt like I had to be doing what everyone else was doing.. Posting all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle and while I love these things and are somewhat passionate about them, I just wasn't inspired to be writing blog posts. I literally have lists and lists of ideas for posts but none of them are stimulating enough for me. I really wanted this to be a place where I could create and share who I am and what I am passionate about so that is the new direction this is going to take. Part of me wants to combine my portfolio onto this blog so that everything is in the one space (but also because I don't want to be paying for two websites anymore!) For now I am going to brain storm things that I really want to be writing about and sharing and we will see how that goes! 

For now, enjoy this photo I took while wandering the streets of China Town the other day in the city.

x B